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Line relaxing injections:


Price on consultation. Prices are dependant on the type and amount of product used. 

Underarm treatment (for excessive sweating) £340

Dermal fillers: Juvederm Ultra range and Teosyal - £250 per 1ml syringe (lasts 12 months or more). Juvederm Volift - £275 per syringe (typically lasts 15 months) 

Juvederm Voluma - £300 per syringe (typically lasts 18 months)

Half syringes (£185) are available for smaller areas eg 'lipstick bleed' lines.

Lip reshaping and enhanced volume from £200 (includes full dental block anaesthetic if indicated/required).

Cheek enhancement (great to turn back time and lift the lower face, restoring lost volume to the cheeks) Juvederm Voluma (lasts 18 months or more) £300 per syringe - subsequent syringes a the same treatment £250 

Radiesse - a super volumising filler, 1.8ml syringe £400

Tear trough treatment (under eye hollows) £400

Chemical peels - prices dependant on area treated and product used - please ask for details


AboutFace21believes our prices are competitive for the expertise, experience and professional service offered. All major debit and credit cards are accepted.