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Other treatments available

Also available from AboutFace21


**Ask us about the 'Liquid facelift'**Using volumising fillers to lift the cheeks and jaw line to see an immediate effect. Prices dependant on products used.

Use of line relaxing treatment (to include jowl and neck lift, 'droopy mouth' treatment, chin dimpling and 'smokers lip lines') and advanced use of dermal fillers for cheek, nose and chin enhancement. Cheek enhancement can lift sagging jowls and significantly reduce nose to mouth lines.

Filler treatment via cannula - much reduced risk of bruising

Aboutface21 generally use the longer acting dermal fillers - Juvederm, Teosyal Puresense.. All products contain a local anaesthetic to make procedures more comfortable.

As we age, our lips thin so lip line definition and/or lip volume enhancement can help to turn back time!

Medical Skin Peels - to include Dermaceutic (www.dermaceutic.com) and Obagi. A variety of peels to suit every skin type. Peels include light- moderate peels with little downtime to deeper peels.

Obagi skin rejuvenation system - prescription only skin system medically proven to reverse sun damage (photodamage). The Nu-derm skin system can actually transform your skin at cellular level and restore the healthy function of your skin resulting in skin that looks and acts younger and firmer. This system is a breakthrough in skin pigmentation and 'open pore' problems. Please link to www.obagi.com for futher information, testimonials etc.

At your consultation please also ask for advice on skin care - we have the latest research at our fingertips and can offer medical (prescription only) skincare tailored for your individual skin needs. 

Contact Sue on 07852 115565 for more information/prices etc